PRF Composite Materials Announced as Material Supplier to ThrustWSH

PRF Composite Materials is delighted to be announced as prepreg supplier to ThrustWSH. Led by Richard Noble OBE and Lorne Campbell, ThrustWSH aims to set a new water speed record, using pioneering research and a truly innovative design to create a safe and fast hydroplane with a target to set an officially ratified two way average speed of 400+mph over a measured mile or kilometre.

PRF will be supplying their innovative prepreg materials for the fully instrumented data collection model test programme part of the project; supporting Supernatural-x in construction of a concept model, which will be used to promote the project directly to educational and composites industry settings, and then the ¼ scale 240mph operational model. The model programme is essential for building the research and testing to ensure the safety and performance of the full-scale hydroplane. The build of the ¼ scale model will commence once the research reaches a point where the boat design team are happy to proceed with the design or to evolve this further; this is currently projected to be early in 2023 at this point in the project.

Hannah Khusainova, Marketing Director at PRF comments: “It is an honour to be selected as material supplier and to be particularly noted for our long-standing history of innovation and technical expertise. Over our 40 years, we have led material development in composites, and we are looking forward to being part of a STEM educational project that will have global reach and help inspire the next generations of composite engineers.”

The PRF team and Richard Noble will be at Advanced Engineering to discuss the project further, Stand V150.