PRF Composite Materials Appoints New Managing Director

PRF Composite Materials has appointed Dave Ellson as Managing Director from January 2022.

PRF has expanded enormously over the last few years, and has invested considerable funds into this expansion and paving the way for future growth. This expansion has prompted an increase in management structure and expansion of the sales team, and the Company have made a number of appointments to support this growth, maintaining the focus on the continuing development of innovative, high quality advanced materials and providing exceptional service to customers.

With over 30 years in the advanced materials industry, Dave Ellson has extensive experience in quality assurance, purchasing and sales. After completing over a year as PRF’s Head of Operations, Dave has shown leadership and passion for the things that PRF has always stood for: innovation, quality and customer service.

Robert Burnell will remain in the Company as CEO and COB, leading product development and innovation. Robert says of Dave’s appointment: “Having known Dave for over 30 years, I have always had great respect for his knowledge, success and reputation in the industry, working in the leading composites companies. I was extremely pleased for the opportunity for him to join the team in 2020 and he has proven himself to be a great asset to the company. I am confident in his ability to take the reins in this new chapter for PRF.”

Dave Ellson commented: “PRF is a family business and I want to build on its solid foundations to grow a company where our people flourish, where focus is on our customers, and health and safety is paramount. I want to create a place of mutual benefit: PRF leading innovation and developing cutting-edge products that help our customers to succeed and for PRF to grow with their success – working in partnership together.”