Project OASIS to Feature at ICS 2022

The organisers of the International Composites Summit (ICS), Composites UK and The Fluency Business Group (Fluency) are excited to welcome Project OASIS to the exhibition from 21-22 September 2022, London.

Funded by Horizon 2020, the project will come to a close in November 2022, after which OASIS will enter fully commercial operation. The project aims to fulfil the market potential of nano-enabled multifunctional lightweight products by:

  • Gathering an ecosystem of 12 nanotechnology manufacturing pilot lines, providing nanomaterials, nano-intermediates, nano-enabled products and services for development and commercialization of lightweight multifunctional composite products.
  • Establishing a complete service offer for associated technical & business development
  • Granting direct access to the whole ecosystem through a single-entry point, for easier access especially for SMEs.

At the end of day one (4pm -5:30pm on 21st September) Project OASIS will be using ICS as a platform to launch the fully commercial OASIS Single-Entry-Point and engage with potential industrial customers in a dedicated session titled “OASIS – an Open Innovation Test Bed for scale-up of innovative smart lightweight composite materials and components”.  

Oriented towards enhanced polymer-matrix composites and aluminium, the pilot lines cover the whole manufacturing chain from nanoscale structures in unprocessed form, to intermediate products with nanoscale features and finally nano-enabled products. So, as to provide full support to interested companies, the new “Open Innovation Test Bed” will also offer complementary technical (modelling, characterization, toxicology, life cycle assessment) and non-technical services (business innovation coaching, business planning, access to private capital). These modular services will be provided to companies, particularly to SMEs, to gain access to unique facilities and knowledge without high capital investment. Such support is particularly needed at the crossroads between three KETs (nanotechnologies, advanced materials and advanced manufacturing and processes) and in an era of multifunctional products when wide scope of know-how is needed for pre-production or industrial low-medium volume production.

The OASIS session will be followed by a drinks reception where ICS attendees can network with the individuals involved within the project.

Sonia Flórez, OASIS project coordinator from Tecnalia, said: “With its focus on aerospace and automotive industries, ICS is a perfect fit for the services OASIS can offer to companies in these industries and beyond. We hope to find many potential customers at this event who might want to develop innovative new products based on nano-enabled composites using our services and top-notch infrastructures”.

Attendees will also be able to meet representatives from the project on stand S05 over the two days of the event.

To learn more about Project OASIS, visit: