Resonate Testing Partners with Space Industry Skillnet to Deliver Specialised Training

Resonate Testing has partnered with Irish Government funded training network, Space Industry Skillnet, to deliver specialised training on testing processes for companies working within the space industry in Ireland.

Renowned for its high-quality testing services and expertise, Newry-based Resonate Testing was approached by Space Industry Skillnet to create and deliver a bespoke training course on vibration and shock testing, which are hugely important aspects of testing within the space industry, amongst others.

While focused on the space industry, the training is equally suited to a wide range of industries. The goal of the upskilling opportunity is for engineers, project and program leads to understand vibration and shock testing as part of a product development life cycle. Product testing assists in the development phase, or in demonstration of customer or regulatory performance requirements.

The training is targeted at best practice which demonstrates reliability, performance validation or verification of specification compliance. Benefits span across those creating or reviewing test specification, to companies with in-house shaker systems that want to give their test engineers a grounding in the fundamentals of how their systems work.

The first in a series of training sessions took place at Resonate Testing’s facility, where six different companies from across Ireland availed of the service, thanks to the support offered by Space Industry Skillnet. The goal is that subsequent training events will include companies from across the Island and further afield.

During the two-day training course, participants gained a fundamental understanding of vibration and shock testing, and how real-world exposure is replicated on a shaker table. Furthermore, data acquisition systems can provide an unparalleled insight into the responses for the test unit when exposed to the vibration and shock environments. In turn, this data is frequently used in conjunction with finite element analysis of the components to support optimisation during the development phase, or supporting fault finding or problem solving should issues be observed.

As the course developed, attendees were introduced to the various types of test systems available, which can be tailored to best suit different applications, and given an introduction to advanced testing methods for more complex testing approaches. Attendees then undertook hands-on consolidation of the course content, setting up and running full scale testing in Resonate Testing’s state-of-the-art vibration lab.

Space Industry Skillnet is an enterprise-led training network for Irish companies that are, or that want to be, involved in the delivery of technology and services to the global space market, including the European Space Agency.

Network Manager, Catherine Lenehan, said, “We wanted to offer a course that would help companies become more aware of the different types of testing and requirements for more efficient vibration tests, thus helping them to save money. Due to Resonate Testing’s experience in testing equipment for Space applications and knowledge of the industry, in collaboration with our network members, we selected the company as our training provider.

“This has been a very positive experience for us to date, and participants have been extremely impressed with the training content and delivery from Resonate’s team, in addition to the facilities at their testing centre. We look forward to seeing how the course develops and the subsequent benefits.”

Conor Barry, Test Engineer at Resonate Testing is overseeing the training course. Speaking about the partnership, Conor said, “When Space Industry Skillnet approached us about providing a training course on vibration and shock testing at the end of 2021, we were delighted to participate. Not only is this a fantastic opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise in shock and vibration testing, but it has the potential to ensure quicker turnaround times in the future, for tests from our customers that have attended the course.

“This will provide a more efficient service and feed into the initial goal from Space Industry Skillnet of helping customers to save money. It has been a real team effort from Resonate Testing, but also a great opportunity for us to work alongside the training network.”

The course was developed by Resonate Testing for Space Industry Skillnet and funded by Skillnet Ireland through the Irish Government Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science, with contribution from the network members of Space Industry Skillnet.

Tom Mallon, Resonate Testing Managing Director, supports the training and upskilling and said, “We look forward to strengthening our links with Space Industry Skillnet, and taking advantage of our strategic location by offering the training to UK, NI and Irish based companies. Witnessing the benefits for participants, we call upon Northern Ireland’s regional development and investment bodies to follow a similar approach and actively support the upskilling of the workforce to enable the region to compete on the global stage.”

Resonate Testing’s recent projects in the Space Industry include the James Webb Space Telescope and ESA’s Lunar Pathfinder spacecraft.