Resonate Testing Provides Testing For Launch of James Webb Telescope

Resonate Testing has conducted high-level vibration and SRS shock testing on equipment that was used as part of the successful launch of the James Webb telescope on Christmas Day.

The $10bn telescope, the largest, most powerful and complex telescope ever built, has been described as a “time machine” by scientists and will allow astronomers to study the beginning of the universe shortly after the big bang, as well as hunting for signs of life-supporting planets in our own galaxy.

Resonate Testing was the mechanical test services partner to the Dublin based Realtra Space Systems Engineering, which played an important role in the launch. They provided the Independent Video Kit (VIKI) that captured the images of the separation of the fairings – equipment structures used to protect the Webb spacescraft during launch. It also captured the iconic view of the Webb telescope spacecraft itself as it separated from the Arianne 5 rocket while travelling at thousands of miles per hour and hundreds of miles above Earth.

Resonate’s team successfully took on the challenge to recreate the stresses and shocks that the VIKI would be subject to during the launch and completed the tests to the required space industry standards.

Tom Mallon, Managing Director or Resonate Testing, said:” Christmas was extra special this year. As a company we are extremely proud to have played a part in the successful launch of the huge Arianne 5 launcher and the James Webb telescope from the European Space Agency’s Spaceport at Kourou in French Guiana.

“We have been working with Realtra for some time and in recent years we have been competing on a global level by exploiting key up-stream resources and developing world-class space downstream capabilities”.

Resonate Testing operates from its Centre of Excellence for Space in Newry, and provides a range of testing processes across many sectors.