Tebis Open House 2024

Tebis is excited announced that the Open House for this year will be held on 12th and 13th of June 2024 at Tebis headquarters in Martinsried, Germany. During the two-day open house, Tebis, together with the technology partners, will present technologies to help your company gain future success, examples of end-to-end manufacturing processes and the latest advances in its software. There will be high-profile presentations by customers, practice-oriented presentations of new product development, inspiring discussions with Tebis consultants and opportunities to network with experts and colleagues from many different industries.

The attendees can expect to see an exceptional program from the keynotes by industry leaders on cutting-edge industry and technology trends and engaging panel discussions. There will be an opportunities for personal interaction with experts. An immersive exhibition showcasing live demonstrations of automated, digital and interconnected manufacturing.

The event is free of charge so why not join us to attend the event which will provide you with intensive exchange of ideas and experiences.

Register now to attend Tebis Open House this year, please click here.

Website: www.tebis.com