Tebis Wins Top Consultancy Award for the Third Time

Tebis Consulting receives impressive award from Wirtschaftswoche magazine.

Tebis Consulting has received the “Best of Consulting Mittelstand” award for the third time. The award was given to the consulting team of the CAD/CAM and MES software Tebis for a customer project in the category “Manufacturing & Operations.”

Jens L├╝dtke, Head of Tebis Consulting explains, “We are honoured by the trust that corporate customers like SNW place in us. The project, which received an award from Wirtschaftswoche, is an ideal illustration of how medium-sized companies manage to sustainably position themselves for the future: We provide the moderating framework and support in setting the right strategic priorities. On this basis, the companies are able to exploit their own potential to the full.”

Carsten Nacke, Managing Director at SNW, sums it up: “Looking back, I’m very glad I commissioned Tebis Consulting. The joint projects of the past two years have had an enormous impact on the company, rewarded by quickly visible successes. Above all, I see Tebis Consulting as a strategic partner that provides us with sustainable support along the entire process chain.”

Tebis Consulting looked at what the complete order flow looked like at SNW, talked to employees, examined processes, factory buildings and machinery, and created a corresponding analysis. Carsten Nacke explains, “The solutions identified in this context were very pragmatic and not as far removed from reality as one might be used to from ‘classic’ consultants.”

What’s more, SNW is now able to exploit its potential even better on the software side. The consultants from Tebis Consulting know the realities of die manufacturing and recommended precisely targeted measures: For automated and safe processes, SNW employees now use simulation technology and NC templates from the CAD/CAM software. And thanks to optimised planning software, SNW now clocks manufacturing projects more closely.

Website: www.tebis.com