Techlan and GTS Flexibles Achieve Eleven Uses From the Same Release Liner

A new Business Wales case study highlights the groundbreaking Circular Economy system that Techlan and GTS Flexibles have been working together on, showcasing how they have achievd no less than eleven uses from the same release liner, resulting in significant cost and carbon savings.

GTS is a manufacturer of laminated composites and adhesive coated tapes for the electronic and automotive sectors. It utilises release liners as an integral raw material in its manufacturing process. Prior to Techlan’s intervention the release liners were used once and then sent to landfill.

Techlan has developed an innovative process that enables it to recycle waste release liners under the Circular Economy model, enabling them to be repeatedly re-used. It supplies 100% recycled release liners under its trademark “Re-Liner”.

This delivers a measurable carbon saving of 670kgs per tone of release liner consumed.

GTS recognised it was incurring significant costs and a having a detrimental environmental impact through its single use of release liners that were then discarded to landfill. It was looking for a solution to the problem.

The two companies worked together in partnership to achieve a cost effective recycling solution through multiple uses of the same liner. The system took many months to establish but is now operating as a perfect Circular Economy model.

The rolls of release liner are now utilised by GTS in its manufacturing process and then rewound for re-processing by Techlan. They are packaged and stored ready for Techlan to collect and transport back to Techlan’s facility in Swansea. The innovative, patented process then cleans the used release liner enabling it to be supplied back to GTS for a second use.

The process simply cleans the liner on both sides allowing it to be re-used as Re-Liner. The rolls are converted, packaged and then delivered back to GTS where the cycle resumes once again.

This cycle of “use, clean & resupply” is repeated up to 11 times and delivers for GTS a massive reduction in the use of virgin paper and they enjoy attendant cost and a measured carbon reduction.

GTS is now achieving eleven re-uses from the same Re-Liner.

The collaboration between the two companies has created a unique Circular Economy system that has measurable environmental benefits that are vital as we work toward reducing carbon emissions and achieving a net zero society.

To view the Business Wales case study, click here.