Techlan Doubles its Re-Liner Manufacturing Capacity

Since its formation in 2010, Teclan has developed and patented an innovative process to recycle waste silicone release liners and re-introduce them back into the supply chain for multiple further uses.

Quite remarkably the same release liner can be used up to 11 times rather than being used just once and discarded as scrap. Its customers not only make significant cost savings but also contribute to their goals of reducing their carbon footprint.

Techlan began full production in 2014 and to date has recycled over 2000 tonnes of release liner. Each tonne of recycled release liner reduces the carbon footprint by 670 kgs. To the end of 2021 it has already made an environmental impact equivalent to more than 1300 tonnes of carbon saving.

In 2021 it registered a trademark in the UK and Europe for its 100% recycled release liner as Re-Liner.

It is now embarking on a major expansion which will see a step change in the size of the business and the quantity of Re-Liner that it can recycle and supply.

Currently it operates a single specialist cleaning line, a conversion line and sheeting line at its Swansea site.

With support from WRAP Cymru and the Circular Economy Fund Techlan is investing more than £250,000 in an additional cleaning line that will more than double its production capacity in the first quarter of 2022.

The additional cleaning line has been designed and built by a specialist equipment manufacturer and will be commissioned in February. It will include a high spec optical inspection system that scans the paper surface to ensure that Techlan’s Re-Liner meets the highest quality standards.

To support the significant investment of the new cleaning line Techlan is also installing additional conversion and slitting equipment for the supply of Re-Liner in widths ranging from 25mm up to 1,400mm.

This expanded capacity will enable Techlan to meet the increased demand for its Re-Liner product. A significant benefit will be to shorten the lead time for deliveries. Major release liner manufacturers are quoting up to a 7-month lead time whilst Techlan will fulfil customer orders for Re-Liner within 6-8 weeks.

Re-Liner is supplied to a wide range of companies throughout the UK and EU. It has seen its most significant growth in two key markets – E Commerce packaging and the electric car battery components manufacture.

Techlan has received a significant level of support from the Welsh Government and WRAP Cymru. This support has enabled the company to grow from an initial concept through to a rapidly expanding, innovative company which makes large scale contribution to carbon savings.