Techlan Expands its Re-Liner Manufacturing Business

Techlan is pleased to announce expansion of its recycled release liner manufacturing business.

In the first quarter of 2022 it moved its existing operation to a significantly larger warehouse covering 25,000 square foot. The site provides Techlan with a location for its new manufacturing line and additional conversion capacity.

The new unit exemplifies Techlan’s commitment to improved sustainability. Power for its operation will be provided by solar energy and the production floor will be covered with an energy saving, re-usable industrial tile. There is scope for further planned expansion in 2022.

New staff have already been recruited and the team at Techlan is growing fast.

During the second quarter of 2022, Techlan has doubled its production capacity and also broadened its product range by introducing new materials. It has made an investment of over £250,000 in new equipment with support from WRAP Cymru and the CEF Circular Economy Fund.

To date the Techlan business has been successfully supplying its 100% recycled release liner under its Re-Liner trademark. This is a key part of its future growth as so many large firms are committing to improved sustainability. By introducing Re-Liner into their supply chain, firms can significantly reduce their carbon footprint by 670kgs / tonne consumed. Re-Liner customers not only experience significant carbon savings, but they also benefit from shorter lead times and small minimum order quantities.

Techlan is the perfect example of a Circular Economy business making multiple uses of raw material to reduce its customer’s costs and reduce their carbon footprint.