Toray Advanced Composites Advances Sustainability Initiatives with Launch of Life Cycle Assessment Program for Toray Cetex® Thermoplastic Composite Materials

NIJVERDAL, The Netherlands, February 1, 2024 – Toray Advanced Composites, a leading developer
and manufacturer of advanced composite materials, is proud to announce the launch of a Life Cycle
Assessment (LCA) program for their Toray Cetex® range of thermoplastic composite materials. This
strategic move underscores the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility, aiming to quantify and reduce the environmental impact of its manufacturing processes.

The LCA will initially focus on Toray Cetex® thermoplastic composite materials manufactured at their site in Nijverdal, The Netherlands, with plans to broaden the program to include US facilities and their
thermoset composite materials.

The assessments are being conducted by an independent third party in accordance with ISO14040
and ISO14044. They will provide customers with reliable emission data on Toray’s composite material
to help them evaluate their footprints during the product lifecycle.

“Toray Cetex® has been used within aerospace for lightweighting to lower fuel consumption and CO2
emissions for over 30 years,” states Marc Huisman, Director Research and Development, “we are
committed to the ongoing reduction of CO2 emissions across the whole of the product life cycle, and
along with optimizing our own processes, are excited to support the industry with relevant, accurate
data to help determine the whole emission process in composite part adoption”.

Under the Toray Group Sustainability Vision, the company has made realizing a world in which
resources are managed sustainably one of its goals for 2050. Toray will continue to invest in process
optimization and renewable energy sources, as well as working in partnership with customers and
research institutes on recyclable material technologies to materialize its corporate philosophy of
contributing to society by creating new value through innovative ideas, technologies, and products.