Toray & Specialty Materials Strengthens Partnership for Next Generation Aerospace Application at CAMX 2022

Toray Advanced Composites strengthened their commercial partnership with Specialty Materials this October at CAMX 2022. The joint collaboration will improve the supply chain by uniting Specialty’s boron fiber with Toray Composite Materials America’s domestically produced high-strength intermediate modulus carbon fibers T1100G and a variety of Toray Advanced Composites’ resin systems including toughened epoxies, cyanate esters, bismaleimides, and polyimides for the Specialty Materials’ Gen 2 Hy-Bor® product family.

The next-generation product family is a high-performance hybrid prepreg tailored to enhance the structural efficiency of composite structures such as spars, longerons, rotors, and control surfaces for aerospace applications by tuning compression and stiffness properties. “Our relationship with Toray Advanced Composites has enabled this unique prepreg portfolio which provides engineering teams new options for optimizing performance of composite structures,” said Monica Rommel, CEO of Specialty Materials.

This commercial partnership enables engineers to easily control and manage key variables for unique solution innovations with domestically produced high-quality products within the US supply chain. “Toray Advanced Composites partnership with Specialty Materials leverages both companies’ technologies to tailor a solution to the most demanding applications,” commented Joe Morris, Director of DoD programs from Toray Advanced Composites.