Trelleborg Launches Strong and Light High-Load Composite Material for Aerospace Landing Gear

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions launches its Orkot® C620 composite material, specifically developed to meet the needs of the aerospace industry, in particular the requirement for a strong and light material to withstand the high loads and stresses landing gear are subject to.

As part of its commitment to innovation for sustainability and recognizing a demand for new materials that can support the move to lighter more fuel-efficient aircraft, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, developed Orkot® C620, a unique high-load material that is an alternative to metal bearings. It gives the benefit of smaller and lighter components that provide a reduction in maximum takeoff weight and extend flying hours before maintenance.

Torben Andersen, Director Aerospace Segment at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, says: “The aerospace industry is continuing to evolve. There is a long-term trend toward the adoption of new, sustainable materials and solutions that reduce weight without compromising on performance or service life. Whilst Orkot® C620 is suitable for a number of different components within the aircraft, it has been specifically designed for the requirements of landing gear.”

Shanul Haque, Product and Innovations Manager at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, says: “The high-load, lightweight of the composite material means standard metallic components within the landing gear can be replaced to reduce weight, enabling manufacturers to create lighter more fuel-efficient aircraft. Components can be smaller to save space and they also allow the reduction in size of surrounding parts with low loads, further reducing aircraft weight.

“Orkot® C620 offers a low coefficient of friction to reduce wear and withstands high loads whilst minimizing stick-slip. The reduced stick-slip with low dynamic and static friction, allows high-load motions to be safer and provide smooth operation of the landing gear on both takeoff and landing.”

Orkot® C620 is a high-specification hybrid material that features a strong fiberglass backing, combined with a low-friction TX Orkot® lining to provide outstanding, long-lasting durability with no delamination. The properties of the different layers increase load capacity and strength, while reducing friction and wear to maximize efficiency and give a maintenance-free service life.

For highly demanding applications, Orkot® C620 has a high impact strength of 200 Kilojoule per square meter, making it both resilient and adaptable to enable manufacturers to design larger, stronger components. Orkot® C620 has a flexural strength of 320 Megapascals, giving it versatility and durability. In addition, it remains flexible and elastic enough to return to its original shape to provide vibration damping.

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