Victory Lighting Provide Specialist Light Sources for Manufacturing

Victory Lighting, who for over 30 years has been designing and manufacturing specialist light sources, which include UV & IR for industrial & scientific applications, also design and manufactures control systems for regulating temperature, timing control plus data logging.

The company has recently worked on projects for pre-heating materials prior to vacuum forming, using infrared as a cheaper and more convenient solution to the traditional and more expensive autoclave.

Victory Lighting can either supply a turnkey solution or work with customers to provide just the heat source, reflectors, cooling system and power controller to develop a bespoke setup.

Its systems are constructed in a modular cassette form, giving total flexibility to reach the area which is to be heated. Heat-up times are impressive with ambient temperatures of 100°c being easily reached in just a few seconds.

Over the last few years, Victory has worked on several different projects, including:

  • Working with leading automobile manufacturers to develop a solution as part of their assembly lines.
  • Formula 1 constructors on equipment to aid the manufacture/repair of carbon fibre car components.
  • Aircraft repair solutions.

The company says its solutions are designed and assembled in the United Kingdom at its Leighton Buzzard headquarters, allowing for greater flexibility and most importantly short lead times.