Victrex Joins Composites UK

Composites UK is delighted to announce that high-performance PEEK and PAEK polymer supplier, Victrex, recently joined the Association with a view to network with other members, get involved in policy making and increase their visibility & market awareness.

The company’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are based in Lancashire, UK, with technical and customer support facilities in multiple markets, serving more than 40 countries. They are a global leader in high performance PEEK and PAEK based polymer solutions, including their invention, LMPAEK™ polymer. Composites made with LMPAEK™ polymer have a lot to offer the transport industry, such as light weight offerings to replace metal, increased productivity, and reduced system cost. LMPAEK™ polymer based unidirectional tapes, are particularly well suited for automated composite manufacturing processes.

Victrex focus is on six core markets – aerospace, automotive, energy, electronics, manufacturing & engineering and medical. With the company’s connection to global megatrends, it drives its product leadership and innovation within these markets, shaping new materials, forms, and parts.

Composite materials offer areas of growth, particularly within Thermoplastic matrix materials. Victrex says it is well placed to complement the existing material offerings in composites or for growth markets such as Medical and Energy. The patient rehabilitation and recovery times can be enhanced using composite materials, and in the energy sectors lightweight materials can be hugely impactful in terms of moving towards more sustainable and efficient energy generation.

Andy Walton, Business Unit Head of Transport at Victrex said: “We are happy to join Composites UK on our journey to supply thermoplastic composite solutions to the aerospace and automotive industries. The aerospace industry is looking for cost effective lightweight solutions while the automotive industry is looking for improved efficiency, increased range, and faster charging times in electric vehicles. Victrex looks forward to the collaboration with other industry experts throughout the supply chain and the growth potential for the composites industry when working with other members of Composites UK”.

Tom Hitchings, Membership Manager at Composites UK said: “We’re very pleased to welcome Victrex to our membership. They are a major innovative UK composites manufacturer and play a significant role in the sustainability and recyclability targets of our industry. They will find many other members keen to collaborate with them for a greener future.”

Companies wishing to find out more about Composites UK membership can visit the website for more details.