Wessex Resins and Adhesives Set to Exhibit PRO-SET Epoxy Systems at JEC World 2024

Wessex Resins and Adhesives, a leading manufacturer and distributor of WEST SYSTEM®, PRO-SET®, and ENTROPY RESINS® epoxy, is delighted to announce its participation in JEC World 2024. The event will take place from March 5th to 7th at PARIS-NORD VILLEPINTE, Booth 5F31.

The event is a global hub for composite materials professionals, featuring industry leaders, startups, and experts. It highlights the potential of composites across sectors like aerospace, marine, construction, and automotive.

“We are eager to return to another instalment of JEC World. This particular event provides us a stage to highlight the robust and versatile nature of PRO-SET Epoxy.” Says Sam Oliver, Operations Director, Wessex Resins. “PRO-SET is integral to numerous projects around the globe, and continues to demonstrate its potential. We look forward to engaging with industry peers and further showcasing PRO-SET Epoxies capabilities.”

PRO-SET offers a variety of epoxies, each with unique characteristics to meet diverse needs. The Laminating Epoxies are adaptable and customisable, designed to bond layers of composite materials together. Infusion Epoxies, on the other hand, are engineered for modern infusion processes, offering low viscosity for easy impregnation of fibres.

Assembly Adhesives are another key offering, offering reliable solutions for various composite bonding applications. For high-temperature applications, PRO-SET provides High-Temp Epoxies, which are perfect for synthetic composite mould and part manufacture.
Clear Coating Epoxies are also part of the range, known for their ability to provide a glossy finish to composite parts. Lastly, the Tooling Epoxies are designed for filling and fairing composite structures, proving useful in both manufacturing and repair applications.

Each of these epoxy systems is crafted to create robust, lightweight composites that can endure harsh environments, thus meeting the highest standards in composite performance.

David Johnson, Sales Director for Wessex Resins says “JEC World 2024 is a platform for us to demonstrate the comprehensive nature of our PRO-SET epoxy range. We’re not just showcasing products, but also presenting solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. We invite the industry to join us in exploring new possibilities.”

Website: www.wessexresins.co.uk/pro-set/