Supporting UK Composites

Working Groups

Composites UK forms working groups to deliver specific items of work on behalf of its members.  If you have an issue that you would like your trade association to help with please get in touch. Current working groups are:


Health and Safety Group
The H&S group developed and now oversees delivery of the Composites UK H&S action plan

  • BAE Systems
  • Dark Matter Composites
  • Millfield Composites
  • MPM Ltd
  • Polynt Composites
  • Sigmatex UK


BS 476 Group
The BS 476 group works with test houses to ensure consistency in fire testing across a range of building products.

  • Brett Martin Daylight Systems
  • Bufa Composites
  • Filon Products Ltd
  • Hambleside Danelaw
  • Polynt Composites


EN 124 Group
This group successfully blocked the citation of EN 124 in the official journal and continues to lobby the European Commission for the revision of the standard to ensure a level playing field for all materials. 

  • Cubis Industries
  • Dura Composites Ltd
  • Eccles (UK Foundries FE) Ltd
  • EJ UK Fabrication & Access Solutions Ltd
  • Structural Science Composites Ltd
  • Tricel


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