Nominations sought for Composites Leadership Forum Chair

The Composites Leadership Forum (CLF) is the organisation that convenes UK industry and support bodies to understand the industry needs, lobby for, and direct support and effort to ensure growth and industrial success for the UK composite sector. Its ambition is sustainable growth year-on-year of the UK composites industry through cross-sector engagement, innovation, strategic development and dissemination. View the CLF structure and strategy here.

Craig Carr from GKN Aerospace who has been the CLF Chair for the past three years is stepping down and so the Forum is now looking for a key industry individual to Chair the main CLF Board. The main aspects of the role include Charing the CLF Board twice a year, attending the Strategic Engagement Group meetings four times a year, representation the CLF at key industry events (e.g. JEC and ICS) and in meetings with Government and other key stakeholders. The full terms of reference are provided below.

Candidates should be well recognised & respected within the composites industry, have the stature & statesmanship to represent the industry and must be from an industrial background.

Application Process
To nominate yourself for this role please send a short (250 word) résumé clearly explaining the experience and knowledge you could bring to the CLF to with the title CLF Chair by close of play on Friday 30th June 2023. A new chair will be selected using the process described below. An announcement will be made towards the end of July 2023.

Chair Appointment – Terms of Reference

  • The Chair will be drawn from Industry.
  • Appointment is subject to CLF Board and Strategic Engagement Group Member approval. Where there is more than one nomination; selection will be by Member vote. Where there is a tie, the current Chair will have the casting vote.
  • Tenure is for at least two years and will be reviewed annually.

Duties – The Chair will

  • Chair the CLF Board meetings (twice/year) and work to ensure it has the structure, strategy and resources to achieve its objective. Work with the Vice Chairperson to set CLF Board meeting agenda and keep the Board in touch with CLF activities.
  • Attend the CLF Strategic Engagement Group meetings (four times a year).
  • Represent the CLF in discussion with Government, other Stakeholders, Industry and key Industry events (e.g. JEC and ICS).
  • Provide ‘the Voice of Industry’ for Composites Using Industries.


  • 2 Board meetings/year.
  • 4 Strategy and Engagement Group meetings/year.
  • At least 2 key events per year.
  • Other as required.

Key Objectives for 2023

  • Deliver and monitor restructure of CLF to ensure it is:
  • Convening industry and stakeholders.
  • The current strategy aligns with industry needs.
  • Support and effort are being directed to ensure growth and industrial success.
  • Maintain strong relationships with key Stakeholders and Industry.
  • Lobby for Government support for the wider materials and composites sector.