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Construction Sector Group

CSG Chairman: Allan Curtis, Design and Display Structures

The CSG provides a forum for discussion of common issues, working to find solutions to those issues as well as outward facing dissemination of best practice. 

The CSG organises focused promotional activities and events and provide a direct link to government through the Composites Leadership Forum and representation thereon through the Chair of the CSG. It also works closely with the construction lead within BEIS to ensure future funding calls and strategy developments are relevant to composites and construction requirements.

The CSG publishes case studies and technical sheets that can be downloaded from the website. For information on composites applications in construction click here.

In addition the CSG has published the Bridge Design Guide through CIRIA (published 2019)

Joining Fee:    An additional 10% on top of your usual Composites UK membership fee (i.e. if you are a member at the 2 - 10 employees rate of £370 you will pay an additional £37 a year to be part of the sub-group).

CSG Member Companies:

  • AMRC
  • Atkins
  • Britannia Fire Ltd
  • Colorplas
  • CompoSIDE
  • Composite Braiding Ltd
  • Construction Composites
  • CUBIS Systems
  • Design and Display Structures
  • Dura Composites Ltd
  • ECS Engineering Services
  • Elemy Ltd
  • Engineered Composites
  • Fibaform Products
  • Fibex Ltd
  • Fibrelite Composites Ltd
  • Finnester Coatings
  • Gen2Plank
  • GRP Safety
  • Hambleside Danelaw
  • Hubble Composites
  • iLECSYS Rail
  • Jacobs UK
  • Lifespan Structures
  • Millfield Composites Group
  • National Composites Centre
  • NIACE Centre
  • Orlitech Composite Systems (part of Orlimex UK Ltd)
  • Oxford Brookes University
  • Oxford Plastic Systems
  • Plura Innovations
  • Schöck Ltd
  • STRUCTeam
  • Taziker Industrial
  • TFP Global
  • Thriv3 Group
  • Tony Gee and Partners
  • Tricel Composites
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Southampton - School of Engineering
  • University of Warwick - School of Engineering
  • WSP UK 
  • Zund UK Ltd

Affiliated members:

  • Highways England
  • Network Rail
  • HS1

For FRP applications in the construction sector click here.

Members of the Construction Products Association

We are proud members of CPA.

Construction Newsletter

Members of the Construction Sector Group can contribute case studies and stories to our composites in construction newsletter, which highlights applications where fibre polymer composites are actively being chosen.

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How to Join the Sector Group

You must be a member of Composites UK to join this sub-group. Click here for details on how to join.

If you are already a member of Composites UK, please contact the office to join the sub-group. This will be charged on a pro-rata basis then in full at the time of your next renewal.



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