The Regulations, Codes & Standards Working Group is chaired by Graham Sims of the NPL. Graham has 50 years experience, drafting 20+ international standards, in composites. The RCSWG works across the Sector Groups to identify specific areas that would benefit from RCS development.

Aim:To facilitate the entrance of composites into the market through education, forming testing methodologies and the development of appropriate regulations, codes and standards that support composite use and remove existing roadblocks”.

New Reports

NPL report – Increasing UK Competitiveness by Enhancing the Composite Materials Regulatory Infrastructure

BSI Report – Standards Strategy for Lightweighting in Transport – Public Report

Recent and Ongoing Activity

The RCSWG has recently reviewed UK – led ISO standardisation including a Standard Qualification Plan (SQP) resulting in a standardised database; along with a BEIS funded study of existing standards in all sectors, particularly auto / aero / construction, which will lead to a Good Practice Guide that can support the use of composites in existing and new applications.

  • Gaps and barriers identified by reviews undertaken by Southampton University, NPL and BSI
  • Need for design codes for composite structural usage clearly identified for lightweighting (Automotive/Construction)
  • Clear need for standardised composites qualification and data procedures (UK led ISO 20144:2019)
  • Standards needed for key topics such as process related measurements (reviewd by NPL/NCC)
  • Guidance needed on through-life aspects, including maintenance, repair, end-of-life and recycling etc.

Regulations, Codes and Standards Report August 2019


  • NPL
  • Composites UK
  • BSI
  • SAE
  • Instron
  • RNLI
  • Atkins
  • HMVC
  • Hexel
  • HSL
  • Lloyds
  • Luxfer
  • Solvay
  • Jaguar Land Rover


Graham Sims, NPL Ltd

Vice Chairman

Katerina Busuttil, BSI