The Sustainability Working Group is chaired by Malcolm Forsyth of Composites UK. The SusWG works across the Sector Groups and seeks to identify opportunities in the Sector Roadmaps where circular economy approaches, end-of-life and recycling opportunities are present.


  • Develop capability in life cycle assessment and costing to show the benefits of composites.
  • Develop markets for recylcates with associated standards and support creation of GRP recycling supply chain.
  • R&D to integrate industrial biotechnology into the supply chain and optimise value of natural fibres.
  • Reduce waste and develop energy efficient manufacturing technologies.
  • Develop best practice in design, and business models, for environment.

Recent and Ongoing Activity

  • Vision and Roadmap for Sustainable Composites.
  • NCC developing capability in LCA – international collaboration to develop CF data.
  • Carbon fibre recycling commercially active through Gen 2 Carbon – need to increase applications for rCF.
  • FRP Circular Economy Study directs how to manage waste – investigating cement kiln.
  • HVMC Large Transformational Project (LTP) ReDisCovER on circular economy.
  • Working with EuCIA (+CEFIC, WindEurope, etc) on recycling message, data, etc.
  • Supporting bio-based materials through KTN Materials for Composites SIG and other routes.

Sustainability Report January 2021


  • Arrival
  • British Marine
  • Composites UK
  • Exel Composites
  • Filon Products Ltd
  • Gen 2 Carbon
  • Innovate UK
  • Jaguar Land Rover
  • Menzolit Ltd
  • National Composites Centre
  • National Physical Laboratory
  • Polynt Composites EMEA
  • Scott Bader
  • University of Birmingham
  • University of Exeter
  • University of Nottingham
  • WMG, University of Warwick


Malcolm Forsyth, Composites UK